Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Paddy's

We go big on holidays around here.....or maybe not. Ok really not at all. We DID however make some green shamrock biscuits for St. Paddy's day....look at me go! Chloe LOVES biscuits, we make them alot, she is a great helper. she gets mad when i don't let her do every little step by herself, but she gets to use the cookie cutter, which is the best part anyways right? And i love how ashley is just hanging out in the highchair in the background, she always gets left out. Maybe she should be more demanding of my time then I would be forced not to let her out of my no i take that back...please stay just as wonderful as you are :)

And i DID get the girls dressed up in Green and take some pictures. mainly because It is also gramma Dix's birthday so we have to be semi-festive. Lucky for us my girls each had one green shirt!

Happy Birthday Gramma!!

Chloe was being very uncooperative so this was the only picture we got of her.

Ash is making more and more noises, she makes like an "ST...SSTTT" kind of sound where she spits alot, its my favorite! and there is some "MAMA" and "BABA" going on, and every time i try and get her to say "dada" she just cracks up...I guess I talk funny.
You will find her clapping most of the day, and will clap on cue for you if you start singing Patty cake. I love it when they know "tricks" I love to show off my kids and how smart they are....don't we all?? I hope so, so I am not just a weirdo freak all by myself.
Ash is also becoming more moody and aggressive. Which is a good thing for her, It kind of slows Chloe down when she is tormenting her to no end. She even bit Chloe the other day, I didn't feel very bad for her....she deserved it. Chloe can be very nice and share her toys with ash, she even loves to help get her bottle, and diapers, and she is good to get her a toy if they are wanting the same one... SOME of the time. But i would definitely venture to say that the majority of the time is spent mauling her to death, pushing her down, taking her toys away, and generally just pestering the daylights out of her. I am sure it is normal 2 year old behavior and i DO try to discipline her, time outs seem to do the trick. It's a good thing Ash just seems to go with the flow, makes my life alot easier!


Tina Wilde said...

Oh my heck, Ashley is precious. LOOK AT THAT FACE!! Man a freaking live.

Nice work on the st. paddy's celebreation. I am so proud!