Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big girl bed

Chloe finally moved into her new room downstairs! yay!! It has been a loooong time coming. but its done!! wahoo! she has been So excited. she helped me put her bed together and get everything ready. It's not quite finished with all the decorations and whatnot, but it's still cute!
Pretty much all the furniture I got at either a thrift store or a garage sale and just painted it. her bed frame was $10, and her bedside table that i LOVE was a whopping $2!!
I made her ruffled duvet cover, which isn't exactly the right shade of pink i wanted but oh well it was on clearance! and her quilt on the bed is from Target. i love LOVE it! she just needs some more cute pillows that will be made....someday.
I got this dresser at an antique store in great falls for $30 and just painted it. Regan was mad when i "antiqued" it after, ha ha but i like it.
Then i found this cute mac-tac at michaels and lined the drawers cause they were old.
This nightlight is chloe's favorite part of the room, we got it at target. "my yite" as she calls it.
She was ridiculously excited to go to bed and she did awesome. she has been sleeping there for a couple months now, and is such a big girl. So thats all the pics i have of the room, it is a tad bit more finished now, but not all the way, what can i say....I am lazy!

She did awesome sleeping in her bed at first. She would just stay in her bed after i put her in, i think she thought she couldn't get out! ha ha but once she figured it out it wasn't bad until she figured out how to open her door...uggh. she gets up like twice a night now and does the "I gotta poo mom" like 50 times and comes upstairs for like an hour or two at bed time. but yesterday i got one of those things that goes on her door knob so she can't open it. she tried to come out but all we heard was " I STUCK mom!!?" ha ha yup you sure are! she still got up in the night, but i am hoping now that she knows she can't get out maybe she will stay in bed?? here's hoping!!

And on a side note, THIS big girl drinks a bottle now! YAY!! best day of my life! ha ha

And check out the mop on chloe!! ok so its not much of a mop, but I finally got to do something fun with her tiny bit of hair, so we had to document it. It didn't last long tho, those little ponies were baaaaarely hangin in there.


Karlene said...

i love her big girl bed! your so craft, it makes me very jealous of you lol. and i luv the way you did the dresser!! we got all out kids stuff from bargain stores and re-did makes it fun!!


I too love what you did with the dresser and a GREAT PRICE!!!!!!

A Little Bit Of Us! said...

it looks awesome Jennie!!!

Dwight & Nicolle Kabatoff said...

So cute Jennie! She is getting so big and I love the hair!! You will have to come teach me how to fix up my dressers!!

Malea said...

Seriously the cutest little girl bed ever!! Can you please live closer to me so you can teach me all about thrift stores!!!!!! I really need to find some here because I really want to move Ali into a big girl bed and could seriously use a $10 steal!! You are amazing!!

Tina Wilde said...

Did you know that I love Chloe? Yaaaa cause I do. She looks so cute in her big girl bed! And yes, I am looking at these blog posts again. Sue me!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my 6 yr old to be a big girl and sleep in her own bed. I am jealous. Yay, Chloe! And, I have to say that dresser is darling antiqued!!!