Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have a few things i need to catch up on, and what better time than when i am sitting on my butt recovering from surgery! it went well btw, if anyone was wondering. I am still feeling sick from the anesthesia 4 days later (that stuff is the worst) and refuse to take painkillers cause they make me feel horrible. so we are very VERY lucky that we have a couple of the best sets of grandparents just a short drive away who love our kids and are so willing to help! we LOVE you! and double thank you to Tash and all the people who have made us dinner, it has been SO wonderful, we feel very spoiled. aaaaanyways. back to the original post.

We got to go to Kalispell a while back with the School board because regan had to do a presentation for them. It was really fun to get away as a family, and bonus my parents were there cause my dad is on the school board. So while the men were in meetings all day us girls just shopped and swam! it was a great time.
Chloe who is obsessed with anything and everything princess carried around her loot of dollar store princess toys EVERYWHERE!! and i was NOT allowed to help her. ha ha it was hilarious. gramma bought her a backpack to put them all in, and she was in heaven!

We pretty much just swam every night to tire the girls out. I was super nervous about them sleeping in the same room with us, but the swimming must have done the trick cause they slept like a dream!
And i can't believe that this was Ash's first time swimming....what kind of a mom am I?? oh well she loved it.

She loved the turtle too and would just lay her head down and relax, she is just the easiest baby ever, we love her!
Chloe made us go back and forth and back and forth from the hot tub to the pool, Ash was in heaven in her little dingy floatin around the hot tub. she was soooo close to falling asleep.

I LOVE these girls. they are my water babies. Chloe even swam by herself with her water wings on, she was pretty proud of herself.
the whole fam damly. my parents were here somewhere too, but i didn't think my mom would appreciate me posting a picture of her in a swimsuit!


Tina Wilde said...

I'm telling mom you don't think she looks hot in a swimsuit. Also, that is not Ash's first time swimming. I have been swimming with Ash TWICE. The drugs must be hazing your memory.

I love when I sign on and see a new post with pics of my fav girls ever! YEEE!!