Monday, April 11, 2011


So my baby is going to be one in a couple of weeks so i thought she deserved her own little post. Or maybe I only had new pictures of her when I uploaded my camera....either or.
I don't know why these are all blurry....oh wait I do. A certain big sister was probably jumping on my back screaming for me to give her the camera the whole time I was attempting to take these. Oh well they are still cute. She loves her jolly jumper, as long as someone is in viewing range.
AH her pony tail gets me every time i look at her. I now know what its like to have a baby with hair! feels good.

She loves to sleep. She usually sleeps from 8:30-7 and then naps for 3-4 hours during the day. She still sucks on her fleecy blanket with the tags....gag me. I can't imagine wanting to suck on something fuzzy, but she loves it. she is always trying to lick the pages of her touchy feely books. She does NOT like to sleep being held, which makes 1:00 church veeeery difficult. And now that she is such a big girl she has decided she wants to follow in her sisters footsteps and be very LOUD. Not as in a cranky sad baby loud, still very happy, just loud. she makes this growling/yelling sound when she is happy and it is SO loud. She is a funny girl, she looks dainty but then this GROWL comes out and everyone looks twice. She is also talking alot, you know the baba, mama, gaga sounds all the time. I love the babble, i thought she was going to be oh so quiet forever, such is not the case!
Ash loves her walker. (video down below) I love her little toddle as she cruises around the kitchen. She is alot faster now than in the video resulting in one too many bruises on my heels. SO annoying, especially when I am trying to cook she is ALWAYS under my feet. she LOVES being chased around the island and jumping out at her brings squeals and giggles for hours. Peek-a-boo is definitely her favorite game. along with patty cake, itsy bitsy spider and popcorn popping. She loves to play with my phone or the ipad. We have a game on there thats just for babies when you touch the screen a letter or shape pops up and you can bounce them around the screen, i know riveting right? well you would think it was gold by the way she freaks out if I take it away from her! Oh we also just got this book for the ipad,if you have one, and a toddler, get the bedtime book, by Sandra boynton. SO cute!!

What the red eye?? can you tell i forgot to edit these pictures first? meh.

And today she took 2 steps all by her self! maybe she will be walking sooner than i thought! she wants to SO bad. and while she still doesn't want to crawl the last couple of days she has been pushing herself up onto her knees and rocking back and forth....i know she is slow....but its a start right?
She even holds her own sippy cup...sometimes. she won't drink anything but milk, we are working on it
She is SUCH a good eater. She will pretty much eat anything you put in front of her. Regan calls her our little garburator. Her favorites are probably pears, strawberries and PB&J, or bread of any kind (she is definitley mine!) I usually feed her some oatmeal with either veggies or fruit in it and then some of whatever we are eating. She always eats EVERYTHING we giver her. thats why her double chin is so nice and lovely.
This girl loves her rice a roni!
Chloe and ash were playing so good this morning with this sheet. they played peek a boo for over an hour, giggling like crazy. It was hilarious!
Here we have some expert peek a boo from smash, she just started doing this today, hilarious!
We have the single ladies video on our apple tv and Ashley absolutely LOVES it!! without fail every time we turn it on she gets so excited, she laughs and claps her hands and kicks her feet its soooo funny. I haven't gotten the reaction on video yet, she is camera shy. but this is the girls dancing to it. Chloe loves to shake her bum like beyonce, and ash will watch the entire thing start to finish if chloe would let her!
Some walker action. This was the first day she started going forward in it, she has long surpassed this and is running around like crazy in it now. You also get to hear some of the yelling in this one...lucky you.


Lisha said...

your girls are so cute, Jennie!

PamH said...

oh my that video is cute of ash walking!! regan's smile is the best! :)

Suz said...

Love me some Smash! Chloe is such a good big sister. I can't believe how much they are growing! Oh - I think all kids love that Beyonce song. Cam sings to it (don`t tell his dad lol)