Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

OH what do you do in the Sprinnnng time, when all the world is white?
Well it has just been oh so gorgeous this spring, we have been so lucky. Spring is my favorite time of year with the sun always shining the green grass, birds, just being able to go outside to run and play. what? whats that you say? it has been snowing all month? oh riiiiight. I forgot for a minute there. But when spring gives you snow you must make snowmanade. (hardy har)

So If Spring refuses to come play we will play without him.
We love it when the cousins come to play.
Even tho they fight like brother and sister they love each other like cousins should!

And then some of us have to just wish we were big enough to play with the big kids.

And while waiting for spring to come, we will learn how to stand up by ourselves.

And get into the flour just cause there is nothing else to do.

We will play in sheet forts

And have countless hours of peek a boo

With two very cute little girls.

So I guess we will just snuggle up with our favorite blankie.....

And Patiently wait for Spring to come.


PamH said...

Love ashley's chubby legs! She'll be walking in no time!

Suz said...

Love it! Looks like they had so much fun! Thanks again for watching them!

Shelley said...

Look at all those CUTE little Holt kids ;)

Tina Wilde said...

Oh man, Ash's chunky legs! Love her to bits and pieces. You didn't show a picture of her cute cute new ears though. I'll just sit here and wait for you to do that.....