Friday, April 29, 2011


I Love Easter! Everything about it is great. The bunnies, the chocolate, the crafts, the chocolate, the egg dying, the chocolate, having regan home all week, and did I mention the CHOCOLATE?? yes my name is Jennie and I am a chocaholic. 

Chloe didn't really get Easter last year so we didn't do much. I don't even think we dyed eggs. But I got her the Little Critters easter book and she was SO excited when we did all the things that were in the book. we now have to read it a hundred times a day so she can tell me what she did. good times. 

Chloe was having a blast doing her very first Easter crafts....paper plate, glue, cotton balls. easiest craft ever. 

Ash was enjoying it too....I think she was yelling in approval. 

and VOILA add on some paper ears and you have a fluffy bunny. Your kids will LOVE to make one...or 3. Chloe wanted to use the whole pile of paper plates. thank heavens we ran out of cotton balls. 

Then she wanted to keep being creative so I cut a big egg out of a diaper box and we modge podged scraps of fabric all over it. I didn't take a picture of the finished product...but you get the idea. It was cute. 

We were Lucky enough to have a couple of Nice days on our Easter break so we hit the park. 

Yup thats me. Bet you didn't know I am an expert princess kite flyer. 

 My girls LOVE the swings....I couldn't pick my favorites. sorry this post has a zillion pictures. 

Best $2 I ever spent. Living on the westside 99.9% of the days are windy. 
Kites are a must! and it's Chloe who wants to take the kite out, not me i swear! ok maybe its me, I forgot how much fun they are! :)

Ash just loves to be outside, I am excited for summer....but i am really hoping she figures out how to walk!! 

 Then we went home to dye Eggs. Chloe loved it. I just wanted ONE picture with me and Ash in it. 
And if you noticed the arrow in the picture you can see the millisecond move that dyed my jeans yellow. 

So then we Let ash go stare out the window while Chloe made some Eggs. 

She pulls out my food coloring daily to try and dye more eggs. I hope this stops soon, I am so worried she is going to try and open the food coloring while i am in the shower or something! 

Then The EASTER BUNNY stopped by. 

The girls were excited about all the goodies in there baskets. 

Ok maybe Ash was holding in her excitement a little bit. 

These straws and the stickers were the best presents Chloe could have ever asked for. (much MUCH better than the present i spent 4 hours making her....but I am not bitter)

My favorite bunnies!! 

 So after they played with there baskets for a few minutes I had to show chloe that there were eggs hidden all over that were filled with Candy. I thought she would have SO much fun finding them....
 But I would be wrong again. Here she is just nonchalantly walking around picking up the eggs we are pointing out to her, cause she is too lazy to actually LOOK for them. 

Then the girls each got one big present from us. We always got a big chocolate bunny growing up, but i figured she had enough candy already so we got them some books about Jesus. 
And then I had ordered this Rapunzel dress online because Chloe is OBSESSED with Tangled. Every time she watches it she tells me she needs "yong hair"....yes chloe yes you do. So being the nice mom I am I just whipped her up this rapunzel wig/headband thing (that took me 4 hours) and well, She couldn't have cared less. MAN that kid. I was SO excited to give it to her too! oh well, she really like the stickers she got. sigh. 

I did finally convince her to try it on. and she did like it for the 2 minutes it stayed on. 
I am almost done I Promise!! (It's Pam's fault for teaching me how to upload a ton of pictures at the same time....I coulnd't help myself)

 Here are the Girls on Easter Sunday in the Easter Dresses!! 
Not the best picture but i took this one and on other one before my camera died...sooo that was the best i got. but i had to remember their cute dresses!
These were their other Easter outfits that they wore the next cute right? And i was SUPER excited that i could fit Chloes hair into REAL pigtails!! It was a good day. 

ANd I was just loving Ash swinging her chubby little legs back and forth on the steps.
 Man i love that baby. 


PamH said...

Okay cutest little Easter outfits! I cannot believe you made that yarn hair wig!!!! You are so stinking crafty!!! And that sucks about the food coloring! Loved the arrow in the pic...and don't worry about all the pics, people love pictures! I do anyways. :)

Lisha said...

Holy crap, Jennie. You are far too crafty and talented for your own good! I too cannot believe you made that Rapunzel wig. So cute! I'm excited about it even if Chloe wasn't :) Your girls are just adorable and I also love posts with lots of picture in them, so don't feel bad.

kelsey said...

I loved all the pictures! I totally saw that coming with that chubby little hand in the food coloring-- sucky. I can't even believe you made that head piece. That is some serious talent.

Also, Norah always talks about "yong hair" too! But she's scared to watch Tangled right now.

Ashley said...

Your girls are darling! I love their Easter dresses and outfits. So so cute.
P.S. I hope that you're jeans weren't too expensive...

Tina Wilde said...

I can't believe you would post this many pictures, Jen. OUTRAGEOUS! You can't overload us like this!

oooh ho ho, just kidding, you can. I was actually wanting more by the end soooooooo....

And that whole rapunzel get up is divine. Maybe Ash will appreciate it when she gets that age?? Although she will probably just give it a long, blank stare.