Monday, May 23, 2011

Warning extremely long birthday post ahead.

 Ok well I know I say this every time i post....there are a billion pictures so feel free to scroll down to the adorable videos at the veeeeery bottom! But I can NEVER pick which ones I want to post. And since this is going to be my "scrapbook" someday when i print it into a book, I want all my favorite pics on here! And we all know you don't come here for my beautifully written words so bring on the thousands of pictures!

 Ashley turned 1 on May 1st. I know I am only 22 days behind. I have been Busy?? ok you got me. just suuuuper lazy.

Aannnnyways. I can't figure out how to move my pictures around very good here so we are just gonna leave them as they are and comment from there! These first pics are Ashley's B-day present I so lovingly made for her. I have had that fabric in the first pic since before I was pregnant with her and it took me until now to make it. but i LOVE the giant ric rac edging. And then my mom got Ash (and chloe) a Dr. Kit so made them some nurses outfits complete with some pretty adorable hats if I do say so myself ;)
Ok don't judge me on Chloes ghetto outfit above....she likes to dress herself these days, i just turned around and they were snuggling like this watching cartoons. love them! (and Chloe was happy i swear)

Ash has decided to turn one with full force. As of like 2 weeks before her birthday she was still VERY much a baby....a 9 month old baby if i had to choose. Just sittin on her butt all day scooting ever so slowly after her sister, being so nice and quiet and content to play with anything in reaching distance. But seriously since her birthday she is a new baby, she is wanting to walk SOOO bad and doing very good as of today. She has become WAY more demanding of attention and vocal. She has learned some new "tricks" (see video at bottom) 

Ash's favorite place to be. Looking out the window/ pondering life. 

Ash loves her dad. she gets super excited when he comes home, he always get the hugest smiles and squeals from ash! 

hmmm I am not doing very good today. sorry if my pictures are all over the place....and i accidently put this video right in the middle....enjoy?? 
I love how excited she gets when she walks. She is going to be running around here soon enough and I am going to be in trouble!

Ok onto the actual BIRTHDAY!
These were the girls all ready for church before the big party. Ya we had her party on a Sunday It was awesome almost everyone came to party in our ginormous house! 

Some yummy cupcakes and Ash's very own little cake. don't look too close tho, i royally screwed up icing it. 

the CAKE!! i was so excited that it turned out! and it even tasted good....double prizes!!!

Ashley was less than happy with all the people trying to get her attention. She has been VERY shy and clingy lately especially when there are alot of people. so she pretty much just cried for the first hour until uncle Greg showed up with some timbits....they cure anything. 

giving a "shout out!" (or a loud yell/screech)

Then she decided to be happy and the party was ON.

where's ashy?? she is a pro at peek a boo....sort of. 

I think she got to open 1 present...if that. There were alot of really good "helpers" there. 

Chlo was the #1 helper. 

Here is Ash in her new nurse duds. (she hates it btw) 

Guess we need a bigger house with more chairs so people don't have to resort to sitting in boxes. 

Cam and Lex checking out all the new toys. 

She wasn't too sure about the cake. and surprisingly could have cared less about the candle. 

 She figured it out and went to town!

And having a little bit MORE cake after an outfit change. She was so cute just making her mmmm sounds. It was a great party and I am sad i didn't get more pictures of everyone else that was there. I was a little distracted I forget to take pictures! But a big thank you to our families for coming see Ashley turn ONE!! 

This is just ash doing some of her new "tricks" the fishy is my favorite! 

Chloe likes to bump down the stairs on her bum...well guess who else likes to do it?? yup EVERY time the gate is down Ash is right there heading down the stairs. She went down headfirst a few times but is pretty good at it now. scares the beejeezes out of me tho. and dont worry about the sweatpants under her dress....I think chloe dressed her. 


Breann Clawson said...

umm i love the print on that birthday hat and i won't be mad if you make me something out of it?

PamH said...

Oh I am so in love still with those nurse's outfits! I think my boys need some marching doctor coats? Ha ha! And I love the socks pulled up high over Ash's chubby legs!

kelsey said...

you are way to crafty. it makes me crazy seeing all the stuff you can make! amazing. also, i love that picture of ashley looking out the window--- so freaking cute.