Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 That's the word I use most often to describe this face.
 I found these adorable antique dresses at the bottom of my mom's cedar chest and they just happened to be Ash's size...perfect!! And they really ARE antique they were probably my aunt carole's dresses and she is like 20 years older than my mom. Aren't they to die for?
 I am lucky enough to have a VERY talented Sister in law who takes AMAZING pictures.  She is also a crazy talented decorator, her house is ridiculously cute. And when you see how cute her blog is try not to note that I have been blogging for like years and she has been doing it for weeks. She makes us all look bad.
I am so glad we got this done when we did cause like a week later her poor little earring got infected and I had to take it out. so sad :(

 I just can't get over the cuteness of her face. I mean i know i am a little biased but i just think my smash is just ridiculously gorgeous. It's ok I am allowed to think that.

 Ha ha love this picture, they were SO not into having their pictures taken. Boss and Van were in the room and Chloe was not very happy to sit there while they got to play.
But THIS picture?? was sooo worth it. thats my baby girl (my bigger baby girl) and I LOVE her! 

 So Happy we got one of the smiling...it doesn't happen very often! and I loved their white dresses.
LOVE this baby girl too. Even if she is super serious. 
Thanks again Pam i love LOVE them!!


Breann Clawson said...

ooooh my! cutest kids EVER!

PamH said...

You're very welcome! I love Ash's seriousness too...she is just all ready working on smizing that's all...smiling with her eyes...not her mouth! :)

Lisha said...

Oh so cute! Your girls are gorgeous, it's not just you that thinks so :)

Tina Wilde said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am pretty much obsessed with these children.

Ashley said...

Cute girls, cute dresses, cute pictures! Cute Cute CUTE!!

AmyG said...

your girls are so stinkin cute!! All those pictures are perfect! (tell your sister in law she did a really good job!)

Francis Family said...

WAY cute. Vintage is the best! Your girls are adorable :)