Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waterton '11

We have been trying to help Ashley find her belly button...with no luck thus far. she just points to any random place on her body and laughs. So while discussing them in the tub this morning it went a little like this.
chloe: I have a belly button.
me. yup you sure do.
C: daddy does too. but not gramma
me: why not grandma?
C: cause she went to the castle and the dragon stole it. she has to get dora to help her find it.
me: (laughing my butt off) well what if swiper gets it?
C: no mom. swiper has his OWN belly button. (duh mom)

She makes me laugh. Then we are getting ready this morning and she comes in the bathroom and says "I would like to go to Olives new house your highness" (complete with bow) ha ha odd.

Anyway back to the point of this post. still trying to get caught up on summer. That will happen when you don't blog for 2 months. Anywho we really like waterton. like really REALLY! it's the best. and while we didn't get any hiking in this year (sorry reeg) we were still able to go up and play a few times. We were also SOOO lucky and got the best days EVER they were so hot and no wind!! anyone who has been to waterton knows how awesome and rare that is! but we got it both times! i think we went one other time but i forgot my camera....i can't remember. I am getting senile in my old age. anyway here are a bunch of random pictures in a random order cause I don't feel like dragging them around for an hour.

These two pics down below...left one is Ash at 16 months. and the other is chloe at about 9 months. They have the same sandals on and Ashley had that same hat on earlier in the day. aaaand that swimsuit still fits Ashley. my kids are complete opposites. 

She was loving the water. even tho it was glacier fresh. (freezing cold for those of you who don't live near glaciers)  love it when its hot enough to want to go in!! 

 We took out papa's boat one day the girls loved it and I even got to drive since I recently acquired my boat license. whats up now??!!?!

Sure hope I look this good when I'm a grandma.

What the Bruce Willis?? oh wait that's just steve! ;)

 We were on there all day, lots of pictures. My dad's sock blew out of the boat at one point and we couldn't find it. Chloe has been concerned about it ever since, and talks about it frequently!
She will love me for this one someday! 

and We threw rocks in the lake cause its fun!

This one kills me, really giving it her all! 

Daddy threw in a BIG rock. she was excited! 

 And ash was being a doll as usual just throwing rocks and eatin dirt. 
She was as shocked as chloe at dad's rock throwing abilities. 

Love this picture. and now i remember we did come one time when it was really windy, with Regan's family at the holt reunion. see 2 out of 3 times we got  gorgeous weather....its a record. 

and another boat pic thrown in there. cause I love this little munchin. 

The one picture i got of the scenery before my camera died. It was fun to see Waterton from the lake instead of just the beach. SO pretty...we should go again before it gets  cold. Wanna come?

Then we had a Brown family reunion that was really fun. We don't get together with this side of the family much so It was so nice to see them! especially Carole and Kim and the kids. We miss them so much...once every two years just isn't cutting it!! Hopefully we will get to go to bear lake again soon and see everybody. 

Kor is really funny apparently. 

Ash just sitting in her own little corner of the park eating some wood chips. 

A little cold on the bum ash?? ha ha 

cousins chillin on the "beach" 

good thing we bought our bikes. they were riding them through the spray park, SO fun! 


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