Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm so glad when daddy comes home!

Well we had a fabulous weekend with Chloe's birthday party and all. You would think I would post about it first. but I am not going to. soooorrry Tina! but I promise to do it very soon!! I just found all these cute random pictures and wanted to post them before I forgot. 

"Look I just like Nana!" (is what she said, not me! ha ha)

I had to document her hair getting longer. check out that curly little pig tail....its growing like Crazy!! ha ha ha I can pretend tho right?

Ash's new Van's. seriously cutest things ever. chloe never got to wear them with her chubby feet, I was pretty upset about it...hooray for sisters!!

Regan forced me to Can peaches and pears this year. Dont they look yummy?? yaaa they are ;)  And thank heavens for my MIL who let us do them at her house and then did most of the work! ha ha she's the best!! I was just going to wing it....I'm sure they would've turned out right??

This kid kills me. Her love of animals stuffed and real is amazing. Like who's kid is she?? Anyone who knows me can attest for my deep dislike for animals close up. Take me to the zoo anytime, but don't make me pet your dog. yuck. 

And a huge bag of yummy cereal for $3??? YES please!! 

Random dance party broke out at Wally's beach. Britts got the moves!! 

Regan's parents bought a couple of seadoos this summer. We only got to go on them once this year and  it was the last hot day of the summer and it was SO FUN!!! 

Chloe loved it! "I go FAST and then i go slow" 

This series of pictures are the best. The girls get SO FREAKING excited when Regan comes home. this is them after they went RUNNING out to the deck when they heard his truck pull up. 

They are both yelling "Daddeeeee!!" 

And ya thats a bed frame that we are currently using as a baby gate.  It works great, minus that one time Ashley pulled it over on top of her.  and note the monkey....she ALWAYS has a stuffed animal with her! 

Love it!! 

And i was just in love with her outfit this day for some reason. I love this age. she is so funny ALL the time. and today all the sudden is in love with Salad?? She definitely didn't get that from me! she was just munchin it down "some? some??" 

And just a couple of my new favorite pictures. they LOVE their dad! 

Chloe's favorite book. we always have to get a "Charlie and Lola" book out when we go to the Library and this one we read pretty much EVERY night. Along with "I love you Forever" 

This little Lady started Ballet on Friday. I am pretty sure I was way more nervous than she was...I totally couldn't sleep! ha ha  I couldn't pick a favorite picture so you get two...isn't she adorable?? I was sad that she has to wear blue, when I picture a little ballerina they are head to toe pink right? But luckily Lexie took classes from the University when she was Chloe's size so we were lucky enough to borrow her outfit!! of course she was the cutest one there!! :)  
Her Teacher is Miss Madison and Chloe didn't even hesitate she loved it. They supposed to be walking to the circle in the middle of the room on their tippy toes and Chloe was walking so gracefully on her heels and turns around and says "look at me mom!!" ha ha love her. 

And just a messy Smash helping me make Chloe's birthday cake....more on that to come! 


Tina Wilde said...

Ok me and Al are DYING picturing Chloe on her heels...hahahaha of course she did. I'm not mad at all...cutest post ever!!!

Suz said...

love it! We had so much fun at the lake. I can't wait for bday pics!

Francis Family said...

ha I love random stuff. It makes the best posts. Cute cute and cute!!

Emily said...

Cute post. Love, love the daddy pictures.
Hattie started Ballet at the U too, and I still can't get over them having to wear blue?? However, I think I was just as excited as she was for her to get her outfit and go to her first class.