Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chloe's 3rd Birthday!

So here you go, I know you have been dying to see these pictures. (Tina) there are a million so brace yourself!

So first thing in the morning we let her open our presents from us. she got this FAbulous Cinderella dress to wear to her party and she LOVED it. she wore it ALL day and most of the days since! 
Then she opened her playhouse....which was less than climactic. ha ha she opened it and said "Oh my house!" and started playing with it. Not much fanfare! but she has been really excited whenever someone comes over to see it....and plays in in constantly so I guess that makes up for the lame reaction! 

And as always I am way too lazy to move my pictures where I would actually like them in the post....does anyone else hate moving around their pictures?? why can't they make it easier?? - moving on. 

I wasn't going to have a "friends" party for chloe until she was older cause they are so much work/stress. But then she was invited to Kylie and Mckenna's birthday parties this past year and has talked about HER party non stop ever since....so I couldn't NOT do it right?? So being the wonderful mother that I am, we had the funnest princess party ever (well ever at our house)

These were our rice krispie "wands" me and chlo mo made for everyone to put in their treat bags. oh and do you love my cookie jar?? ya me too! :)

I was so happy with how it turned out. I had bought these tiered cake pans from a garage sale and wanted to try them out. I loved this cake and so i made my own little (well big) version. I sort of wish that I would have made the swirls a little bigger and all my cakes fell...but we worked it out. Thank heavens Regan was around to help me with the girls and clean the house so we could get everything done! 

The girls' treat bags with some flower hair clips I made. 

They got to bling up some crowns....

...and of course I didn't take any pictures of how cute they were after...but they were. trust me!

We had a little snack.

Loved Ash surrounded by pink ruffles! I love having girls :)

There were some rambunctious rounds of "ring around the rosy"

It got a little out of control so we decided to open presents. 

It was sort of a gong show...but she was so excited about all her wonderful presents! Thank you to all the moms for the presents! they were all so thoughtful and I really appreciate it! 

Time for CAKE!!
Blowing out the candles. It took about 6 tries...but she got it!

The only thing i am SO MAD about was that I never got all the girls together for a picture in their dresses. Next time I think Pam needs to come and take pictures for me! ;)

But these are all the lovely little girls who came to celebrate! 

Me and my (gulp) 3 year old!! 

was it really 3 years ago that I changed my life forever?? (cheesy i know) but its true. I can't imagine my life without this little ball of attitude! 

Her favorite present...(besides the house of course) is her big girl bike!! she HAD to ride it right away so we just tied up her princess dress as not to get it caught in the chain....oh so stylish. 

We blew out candles for a 2nd time for the rest of the family who came about an hour after the kids left. 

She got this mickey mouse pen that she was obsessed with. 

This was just too presh. Ash loves Chloes new book we have read it a zillion times...no exaggeration. 

She loved her stamps and stamped them until they were void of ink. and check out her adorable doll/backpack carrier!! so cute!! 

aaaand randomly back to the beginning of the party....we played pin the crown on the princess. 

Chloe at the end of a VERY long and wonderful day. she is still HAPPY! even without a nap! 
she was wearing her new ballet costume, carrying her doll in one hand, and her puppy and princess purse in the other wearing her new backpack! I think the party was a HIT! 
Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet girl!! 


Sami-Jane said...

pretty stinking cute party J! LOVED the cake.

Emily said...

Are you freaking kidding me. You are so amazing!!! Looks like the best Princess party EVER!!! Lucky little girls.

Emily said...

I'm back because I just found your felt house on your blog. I'm speechless. Seriously, you ROCK!!!

Tina Wilde said...

aaaah she is too big!!! that picture of her and the cake is gorgeous...GORGEOUS. She is such a beauty. Watch out once that hair grows in, them fella's be chasin her. But that won't happen for a while, so don't get too worried about it. haha cutest part ever. wish i could have a bite of that cake...remember that time i devoured the dora cake...oh ya i remember...i remember real good.........

PamH said...

Oh my what a fun day of celebrations!! You are awesome for going to such work!! That cake is ridiculously cute. Think up a cute one for baker,k? :)