Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Photo Dump Part 2

Aaaaand the rest of our pictures from the summer??  here they are for your viewing pleasure! 

We Love this park by the probe school cause it has the rubber mat stuff on the ground. This stuff is the my kids are not disgustingly dirty when we leave and ashley can actually get around all by herself.. win-win! I am in love with these pink little outfits i got for the girls from the superstore for $4! love that store (for clothes....not much for anything else...but thats just me. ;)

This little lady learned how to climb stairs!! ya i know its late...or is it? I haven't the slightest. But since we don't have our basement finished Ash has hardly been on the stairs in her life. But a week or two ago she finally firgured it out and now goes up and down like a pro! 
side note: As I am sure I have mentioned before Ashley has the TINIEST little feet. and I just have to point out her 0-6 month sandals she is wearing that are just FALLING off her feet?? ya seriously hilarious. We got them for Chloe at her baby shower and she never got to wear them cause her feet were ginormous. (well not really just compared to Ash)

Just loved this one I took of Smash with my phone. This was the park over by the hospital...I forget the name. We went with Van, Boston, and Baker....Thanks again to Pam for inviting us! 

The girls just having a snack in their play house I made with chloe one day out of a random box i had in the back of my truck. They played in this thing for HOURS a day, until it was smashed beyond recognition.  Yes Chloe sometimes wears pants, just not this day. 

Chloe all dressed up to go "shopping" she was walking around the house in her heels "buying" stuff and putting it in bags. I have taught her well. :)

 We had lots of watermelon picnics on our GRASS!!! yup thats my backyard!! It has been so much fun to be able to play back there, even if there are a bajillion weeds. 

My sweet little girl trying to share with daddy! 

We play in this pool all. the. time. LOVE it. best $3 I ever spent! I heart garage sales!! 
Chloe was using this tube as a hula hoop. She can really shake it when she wants to...and she went all out. Wish i would have got it on video!

This girl loves to be outside too. she is a crazy water baby just like her sister. One thing I never want my kids to be is scared of water. I think we have done pretty good. Chloe loves swimming and even went off the diving board a bunch of times out in raymond! 

Upside down!! she does this all the time. so cute! I remember chloe doing the exact same thing...I wonder where they got it from? cause it certainly wasn't from me doing yoga or anything of the sort! ha 

Ash discovering her love affair with ribs. 

Ha I just loved her face in this one she was concentrating SOOOO hard. 

This kid loves shoes. like really. First thing she does after she gets up (after a snuggle with me of course) is head over and take all of my shoes off the shelf and try to put them on for at least a half an hour. Its the best. SHE's the best!! 
Check out her HAIR! love it. I totally have to do it every day or it looks a little crazy....but SO happy that she has some for me to do!! I think she may just pass chloe in the hair department....and soon! 

Favorite Picture of the month!!

Ash is hard to get smile in pictures but I have just discovered that if you fake sneeze she will laugh and laugh!! Perfect for taking pictures! 

These cute little tank tops are from superstore for like $2 but really plain so i added a little cute right? they are my favorites now!
And probably my favorite garage sale item of the summer....$3 for this baby!! we have been having SO much fun with it!!! 

And there you go most of our pictures from the summer. sorry it was so long! and THANK YOU so SO much for all the nice comments on my playhouse! you are all way too kind!! We are having chloe's party this saturday and are SO SO excited to give it to her!! 


PamH said...

Cutest little yellow bows you added! What a cute idea to make them way more unique!

Tina Wilde said...

I love photo dumps. You can dump on me anytime. he he he such cute little babies. And Chloe is a monster. As in, she is getting SO BIG. I am flabbergasted! FLABBERGASTED! Ok bye love you.