Monday, June 6, 2011

Runnin fool

So I don't think I talk about myself much on this blog. which is weird since it is MY blog. but really besides my IUD incident I don't really feel like I do anything of interest. my life is pretty darn boring actually. I am pretty sure nobody wants to hear about how I sit on my butt all day and play with my kids, feed and bathe them, clean up on occasion. gets pretty monotonous. 
I was going to the gym way back when, but then my realiable gym buddy had to get herself knocked up and I quit going.  So then I decided I better do SOMETHING. so I joined the "learn to run" group at Runnersoul. Which i have probably done twice before and never gotten to the end. once after I had Chloe (i DID do a 10k after that one) and last fall i tried to do it again but my hips had another idea. so this time i was determined to finish. and i did! 3 weeks early! ha ha 
If you don't know what the learn to run club is here is the lowdown. we run a 5k every week, we started with 1 min running and a 5 min walk. then you up your running and decrease your walking every week. so eventually you run the whole thing! I was doing pretty good and we were up to running 5 minutes and walking 2 minutes. but it was HARD. my legs were always just KILLING me. and then my mom made me sign up very last minute to do the 5k with them in calgary so i did! and I did awesome. ha I am not going to lie it was my best run/race i have ever done! I ran the ENTIRE thing without stopping. now i know all you runners might think that is peanuts but i was only up to FIVE minutes in my it was a huge deal for me. And it just seemed like something clicked, like i figured out how to keep pace which is WAY easier than running and then stopping to walk all the time. and I have felt great in all my runs since and have hardly had to walk! yay for me! ( I am allowed to brag right?) 
Anyway i really like running all the sudden, so lets hope we can keep it up and lose some of this baby weight shall we?  sounds good to me. and as always here are some pics from the lovely event. 

Team Steve with our awesome medals! 
Dix and teen ran the half, lanny, pam and derick ran the 10k and me and shelley ran the 5. 
I don't know where kim and kole went....she must be taking the picture!

 Here is my fat butt crossing the finish line. ha ha ok i dont' really think i am that fat, but seriously they sent me a video of me crossing the finish line. it wasn't pretty. I think i have a severely distorted self image....I think i am way skinner than i am! ha ha

 My mom with all her cute kids!! 

This is where we hung out for an HOUR before they started their run, ya we had to be up at 4:00 AM cause somebody thought they needed to be an hour early. and i didn't have to run until 9. it was a long day. (but a super fun one!!)

And completely unrelated to this post in the slightest. check out chloe's cute dress i made her! She thinks she needs to wear a dress EVERY day so i thought i would make her a comfy one out of on old t-shirt. I used this tutorial, it was super easy and turned out way cuter than i thought!

And i just came across these random pictures and thought they should be on here too!

Ash rockin her sublime onsie!
Chloe reading Ash a story. love it when she is nice to her :)
ha ha love her face..."mom why the crap aren't you helping me get my arm out of this stupid book?"

that's all folks!


PamH said...

Loving all the blog posts now that you can upload pictures like a normal person! Lol! I LOVED the calgary race too...first time i haven't stopped while running either!! It's all about the pace!

Tina Wilde said...

You are a power house! Runnin, sewin, bloggin all the time. I am well pleased with you, well pleased.

Megan said...

Wow Jennie! Way to go! I've been thinking about starting running again. You may have motivated me.

Super cute dress that you made. Look at you go!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Pace, oh pace, where art thou?
I still can't find mine, but I decided last night, oh well, at least I'm trying.
Good for you (and your fam!)

Janaya Muise said...

so proud of you! can't wait to do the 8 km with you this weekend!!! Lovin' your blogs Jennie, keep 'em coming!

Breann Clawson said...

congrats!!! i look disgusting when i run so don't even worry about it!! haha and i also have that same distorted image of myself as well... until i see myself on camera ... dangit!

Susan said...

Yay for you... Run Jennie Run!!
Keep it up.
Have the same condition that you have....Read my post about it..
Those girlies are so frickin' cute.

Suz said...

I am seriously so proud of you! You got way farther then I ever did. Keep going Jenn! Lovin Ash and her toes and Chloe and her dress. You are one talented Mama!