Saturday, June 11, 2011

run fat girl run

Phew i did it! my first 8k ever! 
It was a really great run, the weather was awesome, my legs didn't hurt, I didn't die. good times all around. I may not be able to walk NOW but thats what happens right?  I seriously don't know what is wrong but the top of my left foot hates me. Every time i run i can't walk for a day weird. and this time was the worst of all (I blame the westside hill of death) But it was so worth it. I think. ha ha but really it was a great run and i aaalmost ran the whole thing, until i got to the aforementioned hill. It was killer, to say the least. I NEVER run hills and my hips weren't happy about it. BUT i finished and thats what counts right?? 
Bring on the 10k!
Me and my favorite ladies in the land! Seriously they are the best. we even went garage sale-ing after the run and it was awesome! (and i DO own another tank top other than this one i swear! if SOMEONE would just do that laundry once in a while...jeesh!) 

All of the running buddies we could find! i think we are missing a couple. Sure wish i would have put on my jacket for these pictures, but i am sure you all love a little cleave right? ha ha  I was a little tired, I am always the LAST one to be done. 

I think we are missing a daughter in there....Sam?? ahem.   

And my west side running buddy! she killed me by like 20 minutes!! 

Aaaaand in case you were wanting a little more than just lame pictures of sweaty ladies who just ran their butts off. Here are some cute pics of the kids from the park the other day!
Me and my girls. love them!

 Ash sitting in the rocks just WISHING she could walk so she could go play....someday smash. 

Chloe was being a monkey. ooh ooh aah aahh! 


Suz said...

Congrats on the run but I am cussing you for being at the park RIGHT BY my house and you didn't call!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

ladiesfest is one of my favorite races - just a bunch of women cheering each other on! I'll see you in it next year! (and good for you for doing the 10K this year. I'm exerting all my energy in the 5K.) See you there!

PamH said...

Whatever Jennie, we were both the last ones!! We basically came in together!! Nice work on the 10k. I only signed up for the 5!

Jaron said...

Way to go, you runnin' fool! That's fantastic!

Tina Wilde said...

Hey this is the name of one of my posts! I am going to sue you for copyright!

Ladiesfest was fun! And I should probably put a different tank top on sometime too if people are going to keep taking pictures.....

Emily said...

Way to go on all your runs! AND your freaking cute girls!! You are super mom from everything you make for your girls to letting them jump in the rain (super cute pictures!oh and bday ones too) Wish I could comment on every post, but Peter's on my lap. You are so awesome.

Skye said...

Way to go Jennie!!!!!