Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 years.

Yup its been 6 years since I married this stud muffin. And it's been grand. I mean we have had our ups and downs of course, who hasn't? But I wouldn't trade it for anything! I LOVE YOU REGAN! 
Happy Anniversary to us!! 

You gotta love our scanned in old pics eh? I have been forever sad that I lost the cd with all my pictures on it. :(  maybe someday when I am that skinny we could get the dress on and take some more pics...BA HA HA I am hilarious. 


Suz said...

How sad you lost your cd! Maybe Dana still has them? Reeg's hair made me laugh. :)

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary!

Regan said...

I am a lucky man for sure. Thanks Jen! Love you.