Monday, June 20, 2011

Is that Robert De Niro??

Just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of my favorite fathers out there!! 

 I seriously could not ask for a better dad for my girls. He loves them a ridiculous amount and it really shows! I know he would do absolutely anything for them, and I hope they know that too.

He is always willing to "babysit" them for me when I want to go out with the girls or go running. He LOVES to spend time with them, and who wouldn't they are pretty cute! ha ha 

There is nothing better than watching the girl's faces when they see dad walk through the door at the end of the's pure bliss. 
We did this really fun question and answer thing in primary yesterday with the kids and I thought I should see what Chloe thought her dad liked. SO i asked her a few questions. here are her cute answers...She might be a little small for this. she was pretty confused with most of the questions....but it was still cute!
How old is dad? six
what is dad’s name? reedan
what is dad’s favorite color? blue
what is dad’s favorite food? french fries
what is your favorite thing to do with dad? paint
what does dad do at work? go swimming
why do you love your dad? cause i love my dad 
why does daddy love you? cause he loves me

She gave me the weirdest most confused look on those last duh. he loves me cause he LOVES me. ha ha she is adorable! 

Thanks for being such a great dad. Love you hunny!

And then there is my AMAZING daddy-O.

Bet you didn't know he was a twin did ya??

Ok maybe not the best picture to compare them, but seriously they look like brudders. 

Steve has got to be the best guy I know hands down. He has taught me so much about being a good person and working hard (though you probably wouldn't have guess that I knew that) He is just a genuinely wonderful person and I am sure everyone knows it. He is always going out of his way to help people and always does the right thing. We always call him the "safety dad" cause he always follows the rules and never breaks em. He is always honest and is very wise....I always think of the wise owl from Mr. dressup when I think of my dad. I would follow his advice any day, he always knows what to do. He is very quiet and hilarious at the same time. We love him so so much! 

He is also a great gandpa, all his grandkids love him so much!  You are the best papa steve!! LOVE you! Happy FAthers day!


Tina Wilde said...

Just so you know, I really did laugh at that Chloe survey and really did read it aloud to Al while using my best Chloe impersonation. NBD.

That is my fav pic ever...the one of Chlo and Steve.

Yay for papa's!!