Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gettin a move on.

I cannot believe how big chloe is getting and she seems to be learning so much and getting way too smart for a four month old!  She has been rolling over more and more and seems to be able to wiggle her way around the living room floor. I am so scared that she is going to roll over in the bath and drown. I am always watching her of course, but the image is just scary!!  She loves her rice cereal and is getting super chubby! 

Anyways I was sitting on my rocking chair/ recliner playing on the computer yesterday while chloe was happily playing on the floor. When i looked down I couldn't see her....where on earth could she have gone you ask?? .............

YUP she rolled herself right underneath the chair i was sitting on...HAHA I was laughing my head off! tricky girl!  I had to climb off the chair so i wouldn't make the footrest come down and squish her. then of course grabbed the camera!
she was having a grand old time down there!! little stinker!

What mom?? I'm just playin!!

Having fun when Auntie Tina came over to visit!!

Does anyone else think she looks HUGE??? i swear i picked her up the other day and she looked like a different baby...WAY too big to be my little Chloworm!!!


lynz said...

haha - that's awesome jennie! good thing that you didn't put down your foot rest on her! i can't believe how big and cute she is getting :)

Kels said...

i want to just grab her little thighs. she is so cute, and sometimes, don't they look the cutest just in a white onesie? i love it. watch out, pretty soon she'll be all over the place, wreaking havoc on your house!!!

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

ya, they seem huge- but at the same time, they're SO tiny too. :) she is SO adorable. i love her!!! can't wait to meet her! :)

Jacklyn said...

Cute Cute Baby, and I know it's crazy how fast they gror