Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JC weekend

This weekend was a good one. This year Regan got invited to the Japanese Canadian Bonspiel up in Calgary. I guess it is pretty tough to get have to be Japanese or be married to one, and me being an 1/8th got him in! He was really excited and it was pretty fun!  Curling usually is not my favorite sport to watch....hard to believe i know. But it was really fun, there was like 41 teams or something and about 6 games going at a time and all kinds of prizes and food. Everyone was so nice and i met a bunch of people who knew my grandparents and whatnot.  There was sushi and Japanese dancing and all kinds of fun stuff....I would definately go again.
 Reeg and Gord Sawuratari......sweep SWEEP!!!!  
We always stay at the Westin when we go up to favorite!  This was Chloe's first time staying there and she LOVED it! they brought us this cute little mini heavenly crib.....isn't it adorable?? I wanted to take it home!

We took a little dip in the pool at the Westin too. I love the pool there, it is on the top floor of the hotel and is all windows. we usually swim at midnight and you can see all the lights, but Chloe wasn't up for a midnight swim so we settled for the morning. so fun!