Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie night

Ok well i love going to movies, or renting movies or watching pretty much any movie that is on tv.  My hubby is not nearly as obsessed, so Tina and I frequent the theatre often.  So tonight we took Chloe to her very first movie MADAGASCAR 2!  it was pretty good. But she was hilarious! she has recently in the last few days actually started watching the tv screen for periods of time.  And i swear she just watched the movie almost the whole time.  She was so cute..she was gurgling and cooing and smiling...needless to say i think we have created a monster! i am happy cause now i will have someone to watch movies with any time i want!! 


The Arrington's said...

Don't you feel like you always have the perfect side kick with you at all times. She is so adorable!