Monday, November 17, 2008


I have never really been a big fan of we ditched out of handing out candy at our undecorated house and went out to raymond to see the grandparents!  Chloe had a few halloween costumes that were gifts. I guess she was born pretty close to halloween so it was fun!  
She was a little bunny...from grandma dixie
She was also a Duck...from Sue and Helen!

 Tina was also a bunny...two cute little bunnies!
Van came out to visit...he was the CUTEST little monkey!
And last but not least she was a kitty...from my Aunt carole's friend Cindy!!


scottandsteph said...

Jennie-Thanks so much for posting pictures!!! Chloe is so ADORABLE!! I love all of her many outfits. I think the cat is my favorite!

Kels said...

wow. she had an eventful halloween! love the kitty outfit, even though i hate cats. lol.