Monday, November 17, 2008

Chloe was Born

THe pic above is Chloe 3 weeks old

Here is the birth story! I know how much everyone loves those :)

Well it all started on September 21 at 4:00 am. After a busy saturday of quading, walking and jumping on the tramp, that night my water broke. I was so lucky that it broke on the toilet where it should be! After calling Regan about 8 times he finally woke up and when it registered that my water had broke he was up in a flash asking me what he needed to do. We fumbled around for a bit getting things ready, i was only half packed since i was not due for another week. at about 4:30 on the way to the hospital i had my first contraction. it wasn’t too bad just felt like a bad menstrual cramp. We got admitted and Regan wheeled me up to the delivery suite, it was really weird to walk; felt like my hips were detached and going to fall off.  So the nurse hooked me up to the monitors to monitor my contractions and the babies heart beat. she talked to the doctor on call and checked me and since i was 1-2 cm dilated they would keep me there. My doctor Dr. Malach had left for his holidays that day actually so the doctor on call was Dr. Mirosh. 

I had two nurses, Cathy and Fabian, they were so nice and so helpful i couldn’t have asked for better ones! My back was really starting to hurt so i decided to get in the shower, amazing how much it dulls the pain! Regan called the family to let them all know, and i hung out in there for about 2 hours. regan was starting to get bored by now i think! My mom showed up and we decided i should walk to get things going. as we were leaving the room Dr. Mirosh came in and wanted to give me an oxytocin drip. so she checked me again and i was 3-4 cm, so moving along nicely. they hooked up my IV, holy crap that was painful!!  and a few minutes later my contractions were coming on so strong and my back was going into spasms. so because of the back labor i was in alot of pain. i asked about an epidural and Cathy said she would go check. about 5 minutes later she comes back with the anesthesiologist...HOORAY! record timing! so i had to sit on the edge of the bed and regan held me up. the epidural didn't even hurt but it was hard to hold still during the contractions. he taped me all up and a few minutes later i was numb and pain free! i have no idea why you would go without one! so we kind of waited for a while to let the contractions do the work. As the contractions got harder and because it was all in my back i could feel the pressure of the contractions and it was very painful, my body was trembling for a long time and i was feeling very faint. My mom suggested i get a blessing and i felt like i could really use one at that point. My dad was out in the waiting room and went over to the church and got some oil. Regan and my dad gave me a lovely blessing and the spirit helped calm everyone down especially me. 

When the nurse checked me again i was 8-9 cm dilated and was almost ready to start pushing. finally they decided i could start pushing so every contraction i would bear down and after an hour she was ready to come out. Dr. Mirosh was called into the OR and was going to be another 10 minutes everyone was rushing around because she was crowning and couldn't wait. So Dr. Brown came to the rescue. the first thing he says is “i am supposed to be golfing” ha ha really funny. so anyways i had a few more pushes which were agonizing, i swore a few times it hurt SO BAD. Everyone said it shouldn’t hurt because of the epidural but it did, i think it was because she was face up, or OP as they kept saying. the Dr. was telling me to stop yelling and push and finally one more push and she came out! 

The cord was wrapped around her neck twice and she was very grey and her head was HUGE...”oh my gosh alien baby” was all i could think! and then they said “It’s a Girl”!! oh my goodness i turned to Regan and said “we have a baby girl” he looked so happy and worried at the same time...once she finally cried everyone calmed down! She was born at 4:14 pm.  They took her over cleaned her off and wrapped her up. she was 7lbs 8oz, and 20 1/2 inches long.  Regan got to hold her first. I didn't want to hold her until i was stitched up cause it was a little painful.  she looked so beautiful she had her eyes wide open and was rooting around looking for something to eat! I got to hold her while Regan went to tell everyone it was a girl, they were all as thrilled as we were. 

I had to leave the delivery room right away because they were short staffed that night and needed the room. so we were wheeled to the maternity ward and everyone could come and see her. Regan was the best he was so proud! Everyone was so nice, grandma dix and nana holt brought her all kinds of fun stuff, a ton of blankets and clothes! Michelle and tina were there, even Derick and van came. Suz and kids had to leave but they came back the next day. Nicolle and dwight came with Kylie and Mckenna, we laid them side by side and Mckenna a month old was double the size of Chloe! Heidi Garner stopped by and was so happy to be taking her twin boys home that day! Regan’s friend Rob Stewart came to see her before they moved to Ottawa. and Greg, and the kids came too. Brady was by far the cutest, once he warmed up to her he just wanted to hold her and look at her. so cute!! 

The first night was good. nursing went very well, she was a natural! i had a catheter so i didn't have to get up alot which was nice because it was very painful to get out of bed. We got to come home the morning of the 23rd after we filled out all kinds of paperwork and me and chloe passed all of the requirements.

It was so much fun to have her home, we just hung out and and looked at her! all she did was sleep and eat, she didn't cry until she was about a week and a half old. She was a little bit jaundice because of her squished head, but we just put her in the sun and she healed very quickly. 
We love our chloe so much it was an amazing experience and such a miracle. I can’t image life without her in our family and just crave her every minute!
This was after we were home. She was a little jaundice so we were soaking in the sun!

First Time holding her. HE looks so proud!

My first time holding her. Best feeling of my life! 

My gorgeous baby girl!

Lexie And Cam

Auntie Tina

 Brady was the cutest. He would NOT stop looking at her and holding her, It was pretty adorable!
First Fam pic. me looking real greezy

Ready to go home!

Daddy's girl already

First Bath at home. She fell asleep.