Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ballet vids

The video's didn't work from the last post. So Regan helped me for like 2 hours to try and figure it out. I am crossing my fingers that it will work this time! 

This one had me peeing my pants. chloe trying to point her toe is hilarious!! i have never seen her do this before! aren't they so cute lined up like that?? "don't run over your friend" ha ha indeed. 

This was one of the first songs they learned this half of the year. And none, not one of the kids could do that bum up bridge thing, and they all did it! And yes chloe is the one singing along with the teacher, AND she was the only one who answered, and knew the term "plie" for the next dance. I'm a proud momma ;)

This is their final dance they do at the end of each class. they do their own dance and have to do a "thank you curtsey" to the teacher and the audience and to miss Lorrie who plays the piano. And once again I have NEVER seen her curtsey like this, it must have been the pressure to perform with all the people watching. ha ha she was so serious and dramatic. I love her :)

Ballet Finale

 It was Chloe's ballet "recital" again a few weeks ago. It's not really a recital per se,  we just get to see them doing their regular class, but its still pretty darn adorable. I have to say I was pretty jealous of all my friends dance pictures of all their little girls all decked out in beautiful costumes and makeup.But next year is performance year at the University so we are excited about that! I did my best to make Chloe's last day special, we did her hair all fancy and she got to wear make up. She was just ecstatic that everyone was coming to watch her, she kinda likes to be the center of attention!

just being all cute waiting for class to start. 

so happy to have an audience! 

Trying oh SO hard to hop on one foot! ha ha love the girl on the end with her tongue out!

look at all those adorable first positions! 

This is one is called the "mermaid dance" it is definitely one of Chloe's favorites. I think it is to help them practice being graceful? they just moved their arms up and down letting "water" drop off their fingers. Chloe took it very seriously and was VERY good at it. ha 

What I found super strange was hardly any of the kids even had their hair done....let alone fancy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just thought it was a pretty big deal, everyone was coming to watch, why wouldn't you want them to look like a little ballerina? I guess not all moms are as anal as me! ha 

Regan was the photographer while I video'd and he refused to leave his spot on the bench. That combined with horrible lighting most of the pictures were blurry...sad. 

Their little "friends" dance. they had to curtsy to each other a few times in this dance, and I dont know if it was just that there were people watching or what, but Chloe stared doing hers WAY over the top getting right down as low as she could (on the ground) to curtsy. It was pretty hilarious!


adorable little ballerinas!

 So happy that cam and lex came to watch!! And Ash of course!

This was her ballet pose of choice! ha ha 

With her teacher Miss Madison

Her daddy even brought her some PINK flowers, she was so excited!

Ha ha best pic we got of the four of us. 

Ash with her BFF. she loves my dad, always runs riiiiight past gramma to see "papa", she wouldn't even go to anyone else!

These are Chlo's favorite little friends from ballet Brooklyn and Claire. they would always sit right beside each other. and I mean RIGHT beside...almost in each others laps! 

This is how you can find Ashley during any ballet class. the doors didn't close all the way so she was always trying to watch...or get in. Hopefully she will want to be in ballet too! The only thing cuter than one little ballerina is TWO!! 

I tried to upload some videos i dont know if they worked tho!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ash turns 2

 It was Ashley's birthday on the 1st, and it's only the 23rd today, so we are doing pretty good! not even a whole month has gone by yet! We were trying to decide when to do a little "party" for her and decided to have a sunday picnic and just invite everyone! It was fantastic, we had EVERYONE from both of our families come out (minus the saskatoonians) I love living close to all our family to have little get togethers like this :) 

I couldn't really decide on a "theme" for her part either. she likes dora, but she REALLY likes trains and airplanes and cars. so we went with a Train theme and made it a little girly.Which is why she got her CAR MAT to match her theme....sorta. ha ha  I think her cake turned out pretty good, and it tasted pretty delicious if I do say so myself! 

All the pictures of the party are all over the place and since I am babysitting 6 kids (most of whom are napping right now) and trying to pack to go see my favorite sister....I am way too lazy to move them around. 

This was a present from auntie michelle and it has been a fast favorite....who didn't have one of these growing up?? love it. 

We had the party at the "train park" aka Nicholas Sheran park, and I was not about to haul this wonderful present from my parents all the way down there. So they came over after for a private present opening ;)

A SLIDE!! they were so excited!!

Waiting not so patiently while dad puts it together. 

This was by far the best present we have ever recieved!! ha ha All the kids play on it CONSTANTLY!! they never get sick of it. its rather entertaining to watch too!
Thanks gramma and grampa!

Lincoln and carson gave her this adorable pink lawnmower that blows bubbles. hours of fun with this one as well! (can you tells he got ridiculously spoiled??)

And I forgot my camera when we got to the park. I almost cried!! I have no videos of her opening presents or anything. worst mom ever :( 

Thankfully Sue was there and took a bunch of pics for me! THANKS SUE!! That pic of Chloe with Lexie in the background is killing me.... ha ha what is she doing?? 

The kids all playing at the park before  lunch. 

It was so fun to hang out with all the cousins, brady is a good sport ;)

ha ha she is always rubbing him on the head "hi tars" BFFs for life!

we only brought one blanket....good one jennie. at least it didn't rain as it was forecasted to do!! 

Ash's reaction to her cake. ha ha I dont know why, must have been the candles. She was super excited when she saw it at home before we left. 

But wouldn't go near it...even with the candles blown out?? what a weirdo. 

Now just to clarify these next pictures. while i WAS excited, I think I may have been doing my "way overexcited face to try and get a reaction from my stone face daughter look" so I look like an idiot in all of them. 

See....told you. 

She loved this elephant card. it is one of the cutest words she knows how to say! sounds sort of like "anafant" but in a super cute adorable voice. 

britt and lindz being awesome cousins and blowing bubbles for all the littles! 
While she didn't like the cake, she did love eating it!! and we didn't even have any leftover, a success I would say! 

there's that face again. she was SO excited for that puppy! and the bubbles! doesn't get much better!!

Britt snapped this picture of her saying "airpane!!" she can hear an airplane from anywhere and gets SO excited! well as excited as Ashley does....she is alot like her dad ;)

It was a great day and we were SO happy everyone could come celebrate with us!! We love you Ashy boo and I can't believe you are already two. Happy Birthday.....23 days ago :)