Thursday, May 20, 2010


My sister Tina got married a couple of weeks ago. One week After I had Ashley to be exact. THANK HEAVENS I was able to have her before the wedding....I would have been so sad to miss it. I love my sister and am so happy for her, Al is a great guy! We are all excited for him to finally "officially" be a part of the fam!

Chloe was about the cutest flower girl I ever saw. Although i think this was the only smile we got all day. It was COLD and paired with no nap it was a LOOOONG day!!

Me and my mom made her dress then we had to slap on a cardigan because of the freak snow storms that week. I think it looked pretty darn cute tho! and I put some peach little rosettes i made on her shoes...I love them!
Daddy and his cute little peach poofs.

Our family freezing our butts off outside the temple.

Chloe playing with cousin Lana and New BFF Ty!!

Gorgeous tina and her flower girls!

The happy couple! don't you just love her dress?? it was my moms. and it was perfect!

Sisters....keep in mind i just had a baby.

All the kids. Van and Boss weren't too sure about this.

The whole Heggie clan.

If you want to see the rest of Tina's gorgeous pictures check out her blog


Teresa, Trav, and Austin said...

Choloe is probably the cutest little girl I have ever seen. She is what makes me want to have another baby (and hopefully a girl), she is just to precious. Have you ever thought of making clothes for some money on the side? You would make a killing! If I had a girl, I would buy so much from you... your so so talented my dear! And... Ashley's little dress is priceless!

Teresa, Trav, and Austin said...

Whoops... CHLOE, not Choloe