Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Ashley

Ok here is your long awaited Baby post....kelsey! ha ha

introducing Baby Ashley Beth Holt!
8 lbs 3 oz, and 20 inches long

Man i am sure glad that I am not pregnant anymore, I think that is the first thing I said after I had her. Phew!! So happy its all over and I can just snuggle my cute little baby Girl any time I want!! So if you want to hear her birth story keep reading...but if you just want to see a plethora of pictures scroll down a little farther!

After 2 weeks of Braxton Hicks and a couple of false alarms my Dr. agreed to induce me on May 2 and i was SUPER excited. I had been so worried that I would miss my sisters wedding that next week so it was awesome to know I didn't have to. But then the day before my induction I woke up at 4a.m. on with contractions that i KNEW were the real thing. They were 7 minutes apart, and not knowing how fast they would progress we called my mom, she came to pick up Chloe and then we waited.....and waited. And 4 hours later they were still at 7 minutes. So I went for a walk, and they stopped! GAAAA i was so upset and frustrated I have been waiting for SO long and they just STOP?? soooo i went and had a nap. They started back up again but weren't very regular, at about 5:00 Regan was getting pretty hungry so we went to my sister in laws house to get some Buddhist supper. As soon as we got going in the car they started coming super quick so I made him go to the hospital without eating anything...poor guy. I got checked in and was 4-5 cm dilated which was good cause i got to stay. I immediately asked for my epidural and after maybe an hour in the shower I got my wonderful epidural. Seriously...they are heaven. I do NOT know why you would want to go through labor without one...but to each their own, if you want to do it naturally knock yourself out...but for me i love love LOVE them! So after i got drugged up I took a nap and relaxed chatted with my really nice nurses and my awesome hubby. After a few more hours I was finally 10 cm and ready to dr. showed up (it was 11 p.m. at this point) and a half an hour later i was holding my new baby GIRL!! YAY!! I was so excited and happy to have another girl and she was perfect!! and I LOVE her!!

Here we are holding her for the first time. I cannot believe how night and day this labor was compared to when i had Chloe. It made me feel like i MIGHT be able to do it again! ha ha Cause when i was 9 months pregnant I wasn't too sure!!

Here she is having her first bath, she looks so much like my moms side of the family in these pics. A lot more asian in her than Chloe! and look she has HAIR!! she is already beating chloe in the hair department! which isn't too hard to do!

We had a hard time deciding on her name. The entire pregnancy we had chosen the name "sophie" but then the weekend I had her Regan wasn't on board with that one anymore, and I just couldn't call her Sophie when i looked at her. We had talked about "ashley" and then when I went into delivery our nurse was named Ashley, and she was SO nice. and then when I went over to our room my nurse was name Ashley....Regan said it was a sign! ha ha So she was named Ashley Beth (Regan has an Aunt named Beth who is wonderful and she has a cute name!)

Our first family picture! man i really need some new glasses!

Chloe checking out her baby sister. she LOVED her it was so cute! she even said her name that first day meeting was probably the cutest thing ever!! (see video's below!)

She has to hold her 100 times a day and give her a million kisses. she is a good big sister...when she isn't smothering her!

This is day 4 in the hospital and we finally got to go home! Ashley had a tinay heart murmer so we had to get an ECG on her heart and wait for the results which all takes WAY too long. But don't worry she is fine and at her last dr. appt they couldn't even hear it anymore...hooray!!

So tiny in her carseat, I couldn't believe the buckle is as big as her whole body!! She totally looks like my grandma Brown in the 2nd picture.

Ready to go home in the snow...yes it SNOWED while we were in the May.

So happy to be home with my two beautiful girls!!

Chloe adores her most of the time. She gets pretty jealous when someone holds her, or when I am nursing. She has good days and horrible days, but I think it's getting alot better. (at least i hope it is)

Here she is about a week and a half old. Her skin is quite a bit darker than Chloe's and her hair seems to be staying dark. I hope it stays dark how fun would that be?!?

yup i LOVE to squish these cheeks!!

2 weeks old and she loves her baths, but loves to be snuggled up after even more!

I can't believe she is already more than 2 weeks old...Time is flying by (as i knew it would) crazy how much it changes from crawling by when you are pregnant. I feel bad for all you pregnant ladies out there...but there is light at the end of that tunnel....and its pretty cute!

I mean does it get much cuter than that?? I love these moments when she is gentle and i don't have to get after Chloe for being too rough, they just melt my heart!

I couldn't decide which video to put on so you get them both! This is when Chloe met Ashley for the first time....pretty much the best day ever!!


PamH said...

cutest videos ever! i'm pretty positive all boston will be able say is BA BA!

Anonymous said...

I just love how Chloe says, Ashley! Just love it! You have the cutest girls.

Ashley said...

congrats! she's beautiful. i'm so flattered that you named her after me. jk! I'm glad it went well and that she's here. you both look great. your little family is so cute!

Lisha said...

congrats again, Jenny! Ashley is soooo cute!

broberts said...

she's so sweet! and i'm so glad you had a girl...i mean, not that it isn't nice to have one of each (goodness know's we'd love that), but it sure is fun having 2 of the same in a row! you're girls are so sweet! bella had a heart murmur, too and her's was gone by 3 months!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Thanks for the update Jennie!
She's beautiful and I'm glad she's here!
You all look great - hope you're having fun.

Shelley said...

She's so perfect! Cutest girls - and yes, that IS your Grandma Brown, too cute! Summer had a heart murmer too when she was born, it's a little stressful I know! Call me when you come to town I want to see her again!

Susan said...

Awwwww....So sweet!!! I love how well Miss Chloe says Ashley's name.
I can't even believe Regan has 2 little princesses daughters...crazy & wonderful.
Congrats you guys.

Tina Heggie said...

Ok that picture of Chloe patting Ash on the stomach looking at her so lovingly is killing me. They are so flipping cute. Can't wait to see them today!

And those videos ARE SO CUTE. Unbearable. That's how cute.

Brooke said...

She is so precious, and such a cute little family you have. Hope you're feeling well.

kelsey said...

YAY! thanks for posting. finally. sheesh.

i'm happy for you and epidurals-- they just don't work out like that for some people! THAT is why someone wouldn't want one! (aka, ME).

ashley is gorgeous, i can't wait to see her grow. the pictures are all super cute, but i love the newest ones, she is already changing!

congrats again!