Monday, December 8, 2008

J Rae Bows

Ok so i finally did it....i started selling my bows. I was selling them this weekend at the Raymond Christmas craft show, but it was pretty slow!  I still sold quite a few and was determined to get my group up and running. So now it is ready you can go to JRaeBows facebook group and check them out! i have a bunch of other baby stuff such as bibs, burp cloths, wipes cases and lots and lots of bows! I hope you will all have a look and buy some too!! 


Kels said...

um, i want that one. k, thanks. bye.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

just so you know, I put the brown ones in Brenna's hair for church (in pigtails) and the comments we're sure coming! Everyone wanted to know if I made them. I really wanted to lie - I didn't. I told them you did. I want to buy more. I'm going to try the flower tomorrow. I will take a picture.