Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chloe's Blessing

It was Chloes Blessing day on Sunday. It was a really nice day, it was so fun to have both of our families together, that doesnt happen very often! I was really excited about Chloe's dress It was my mom's blessing dress, and me and tina were also blessed in it.  So i was really excited for chloe to wear it. and she just looked too darling!  I also made her a huge bow to go with it...Regan said it was too big, but what does he know!  

I don't think she was too happy about the dress at first!
Here is our little family seems i am always dressed in black!
She warmed up to the dress and had a great day being the center of attention!
We got a picture of Chloe and her new cousin Baby Boston, she looks HUGE next to him!

Cute little cousins!


Jaron said...

Your little family is so sweet. Chloe sure is growing fast! What a cutie!!