Tuesday, August 19, 2008

J Rae Bows

Ok so i decided one day to try and make some bows in case i have a girl. well i kinda went crazy and made a TON of them...so I decided to try and sell them and see if people like them.  So far i have put them in my dad's hardware store out in Raymond and i think we have sold a few...i havent counted yet! so here are a few samples that i made, of some of the different sizes and whatnot.  I am probably going to make a facebook group with the available ones and if you are in need of a certain color just let me know!  
This size come two at a time cause they are small and cute for pigtails
A cute flower for a headband or just in the hair.
This is a larger bow that would look good on a headband or in an older girls hair.
            Here is an example of the headbands.
And just another cute flower. 


TinaLaRae said...

Haha I just bought the blue/purple flower on Sat. They are dang cute and I was so glad to find them as I was in NEED of a cute little bow and flower for my and Nevee's hair for my bros wedding. Thanks so much!

lynz said...

look at you talented girl! those bows are super duper cute :) i just wish i was having a girl so that i could put them to use! good luck selling them though, and i'll send any friends with girls that i have your way!