Thursday, June 19, 2008


4 months
41/2 months
5 months at the NOFX concert!
6 months
6 months and HUGE!!

Well i guess it is time that i added some more pictures. i am obviously not very good at this whole blogging thing. i just dont really want to write. makes sense as i have always avoided writing in a journal this is sort of the same thing. but anyways as you can see i am now 6 months along and looking ginormous!  tina was nice enough to take some pictures for me and tried to make me look less fat. i thought she did a splendid job! 
It has been so much fun to feel the baby move and kick all the time. its weird how you can love someone you have never even met.  i cant wait until i get to meet it and know if it is a girl or boy! we just got back from a trip to chicago this weekend and i wish i would have known what i was having. But since we dont i just bought a TON of clothes for each! ha ha we had to buy another suitcase to bring it all home!  It was my dream vacation i just shopped all day long!  and even better i got to shop for baby clothes (which i have always loved) but for MY baby! so much fun!!  


Kimberly said...

FINALLY! I check your blog all the time and there is never anything new. I'm so glad you put some pictures on. You are NOT fat, you look adorable pregnant. You look like a perfect pregnant, not fat, and not super skinny either (I hate women like that). Keep posting!

jsmbbaker said...

Hey lady! K, just ask Kim, I get SO MUCH BIGGER than you are when I'm pregnant. Done it three times, and each time I get bigger and bigger. This last time- so not cool. I have a post with a pregnant pic, but it's from a while back so you'd have to search through to find it... but it's worth it to make yourself feel better!

Ryan and Nikki said...

Jennie- I saw your blog on your facebook and it is so cute! I saved it to my blog- mine is lame because nothing is exciting in my life right now!

Amelia said...

Jennie you are such a darling Pregnant girl!!!! I love that you blog about as often as I do. haha