Saturday, May 4, 2013


Nope I am not having 8 kids, thank goodness. But I have sure had octopuses, octopi?? on the brain for a few weeks. When I asked Ashley what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, she didn't even hesitate "OCTOPUS CAKE" ha ha oooookay (so random)....I will take that challenge. 

So we had a party for this beautiful girl, and I love her so much it hurts.....Can she go back to being a baby now??

 Nana and Papa came for dinner on her actual birthday and brought her this adorable Hello Kitty bubble blower. She had a tough time pulling the handle to turn it on... ha ha

 So octopus cake challenge accepted and demolished... look how cute that little guys is!!

It was even pretty tasty If I do say so myself. I used this cake recipe and it was devine!! Also THIS icing recipe. Go make them both right now. You will be veeeery happy you did.  I really had a hard time figuring out how to make the tentacles, but all my years of watching cake shows on the food network really paid off and I thought...rice kripies. grnius. Took me a week to think of it, I'm not the brightest bulb in the drawer, or whatever the saying is. 

We had to have cupcakes for Sam and Tina, don't worry I ate yours for you. You're welcome.

We went swimming before coming back to eat all the goodies, but I sucked and didn't take a single picture at the pool. whoops.

Going along with our under the sea theme we had "crab dip"

And "crab croissants" Most croissants are usually turned in more to look like claws I guess....

We were so happy it was nice enough out to have a picnic. yay for spring!!

She's cute. 

So then we went inside to blow out the candles and Ash is SO excited (she has been talking about singing he birthday song for weeks) And when she gets excited her hands go into her mouth...

And she makes faces like this.....

As the singing went on, her face got more and more freaked out, until she started sobbing...

It was probably the saddest/most hilarious thing I have ever seen. SO glad brittany got it on video, I have watched it over and over laughing my head off!

It took her a minute to calm down, good thing she has Chloe to take care of her. 

The kids all had so much fun in her new playhouse!! 

She was so excited about her presents. She LOVED her kite and thankfully it wasn't windy enough to try it out today!

Ya she is 3, it's killing me.....

Ash loving her octopus I made her....she can be so sweet sometimes!

I got her this Airplane to go with her other little people toys she has, they are her favorite by far. Mostly the bus and helicopter...and now the plane for sure!

Chlo helped me with the decorations, we made a balloon octopus and a bunch of paper fish. kept her busy all morning! 

I always try and make something for the girls for their birthdays so of course Ash had to have an Octopus to match her cake, and a mermaid...just for fun. 
she loves them. I imagine those spots will all be pulled off by tomorrow....