Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chloe's little announcement

I am sure you have all seen this on facebook, but here it is one more time cause i just LOVE her face in it!!  

YES it is true. I have been knocked up, and let me tell you, NO ONE was more surprised than we were.  Quite the fact i am still in shock.  I am starting to get used to the idea, but am a little nervous.  I am not so much scared of being the mother of two.... Mostly just not really ready to be a whale for 6 months, and then there is labor.....lets just not talk about it.  

I am due in April sometime, i get to go for an early ultrasound to determine a date. so i will let you know (you can stop worrying now!)  I have been starting to get sick as well which is always fun!! with Chloe it only lasted until just after 3 months i am hoping for that! '

Hope that answers all your questions....we are really excited, especially chloe!! well she will be when she actually knows whats going on. I think she is more excited for her birthday this weekend. Yup i have a pending one year old.....and she is my favorite thing alive!!